Beauty Land (Al Talib)

Beauty Land is a leading landscaping company specialized in landscaping works, playgrounds and decoration works. With every project it takes on, it is committed to ensuring every customer gets exceptional value on every product and service offered. Since its foundation, Beauty land’s team of experts offer landscaping solutions that are meticulous, of the highest standards and of the best specifications. The company always puts the best of its experience and capabilities in everything it does.

The Modern Palace Company

Modern Palace offers a wide range of exceptional Kitchen designs. Its team of experts assists customers with crafting a bespoke design, choosing the materials, the colors, and lastly, the
Production and maintenance of the kitchen.

Sheikh Kitchens Aluminum Factory

Established in 1986 as a small workshop producing Aluminum kitchens, today, Sheikh Kitchens Aluminum Factory is the leading manufacturer of modern kitchens that are ISO certified and made with the highest quality materials imported from European and international companies.

Midas Corporation

Midas was established in 1993 with a future-forward vision, to introduce a completely new furniture shopping experience based on elegance, comfort and value. Since then, Midas has compiled a large portfolio of the best brands and furniture manufacturers around the world, additionally, they offer commercial tenders, integrated design solutions and interior design consultancy. Midas currently has 11 showrooms in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan.


Through its partnerships with the most prestigious international educational facilities, Qubuluk aims to help students in Saudi Arabia to get accepted, study and succeed abroad. Iqubuluk does that by offering advice and consultation on university admissions, language programs, and professional studies.

The Aviation Pioneers Academy

The Aviation Pioneers Academy is a leading academy in the study of aviation sciences and air transport, where students study a full curriculum in accordance with international standards. Graduates of the academy obtain a license to practice from the Saudi civil aviation.

Online Appointment

Online Appointment is a platform specialized in collecting, categorizing and displaying all centers related to cosmetology, from beauty clinics to dentistry. This platform helps people get access to the right clinic through a series of filters, discover the nearest clinic, get offers and book appointments.

Dr. Eman Al Abra Clinic

Dr. Eman Al Abra clinic covers a variety of services in the medical sector. Operating in Riyadh, it is home to an obstetrics and gynecology department, a dermatology and cosmetology department, laser, plastic surgery, dental clinics, general medicine, and medical laboratories.

Banan Specialized Medical Center

The Banan Specialized Medical Center has played a pivotal role in the development of medical services in the field of cosmetics in the Kingdom. It is currently operating in Riyad, where it offers numerous services that are performed with the latest international technologies.