Eddy’s Company

Eddy has showrooms in 9 regions in Saudi Arabia, it is one of the leading companies that sells high-quality furniture, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, children’s furniture, home office furniture, table and table linens, and all home accessories. Additionally, Eddy offers a wide range of electronic devices from televisions, audio devices, electronic game systems, telephones to many other electronic gadgets.

The Nameer Platform

Nameer is a platform that was created with students in mind. Its purpose is to help students save time and effort in finding possibilities to pay tuition. This platform acts as an intermediary between educational institutes and funding agencies, Nameer’s funding bodies pay the tuition in full in the beginning of the year, and students pay back with flexible installment options ranging from 6 months to 36 months. Interest starts at 0%.

The Galaxy Corner

Established in 1998 in Riyadh, Galaxy Corner earned a strong reputation in the market through one simple principle: “Trust in Our Commitment to Business”. Since then, it has been the leading distributor of mobile phones, tablets and accessories, additionally, Galaxy Corner provides integrated services to all major contractors and traders in the region. It is also the authorized agent of B-Mask, an American company that provides innovative solutions for mobile and brand products in the Middle East.

The Asayel Al Jazeera Company (Lomar)

Since 2004, Asayel Al-Jazirah Trading Est. has been the exclusive agent of the American Eastman Company specialized in the production of LLumar films for thermal insulation of glass and paint protection for cars.


Asayel Al-Jazirah Corporation (Lomar) has been continuously meeting the requirements of all its customers. It offers the best-in-class products of thermal insulation and paint protection films for cars that meet the requirements and professionalism of the Saudi market. Asayel Al-Jazirah Trading Est. is considered one of the leading establishments that provides thermal insulation services for buildings, major car companies, and it supplies and implements thermal insulation and safety films for the public and private sector throughout the kingdom.