Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Using Quara Finance Website:

The Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”) to be followed while using Quara website (https://www.quarafinance.com) include the following.

Kindly carefully read the Terms and Conditions before using the website, and we recommend printing a copy of the terms and conditions to be used as a reference in the future. Upon using the Quara Finance website, it confirms your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, and compliance with them. If you reject the Terms and Conditions, then you will not be allowed to use the website. Other Terms and Conditions shall apply to the use of Quara Finance Website:

Your acceptance on the Terms and Conditions while using the website means you accept the following:

  • Privacy policy of the website, and that the information you provide to the website is correct and accurate and you pledge this.
  • Website use instructions defined by Quara Finance Company as it deems acceptable, and compliance instructions, and I am committed to them and not to breach them, except after obtaining a written consent from the company when issuing such instructions on the website.
  • Our policy of keeping e-files and information provided by you or obtained from other sources, as well as accept the company right to use the files and information.


About the Website

https://www.quarafinance.com is a website managed by Quara Finance Company, a Saudi closed joint stock company in accordance with Laws applied in KSA. The company is a Saudi closed joint stock company registered under (1010262141), on 09/02/1430 A.H., corresponding to (04/02/2009) in Riyadh – KSA. It is licensed by the Saudi Central Bank to carry out financing activities in KSA, under number (45/أ ش/201605), on 02/08/1437 A.H., corresponding to (09/05/2016), its registered office in Riyadh: 8246, Kind Abdulaziz Rd., Alwizarat District – 3797, PO: 7342, postal code: 12622 – KSA.


Amending and Changing the Terms and Conditions:

Quara Finance Company reserves to themselves the right, all the time, to review, amend, and change the Terms and Conditions and post them on the website. Accordingly, kindly infrequently visit the website to check and read the updates made by the company, which will be binding to you.


Changing the Website Content:

We may update our website from time to time, and the content may be changed at any time. However, we may not warrant that the website or its content will be updated or free from mistakes or omissions.


Access to the Website:

Access to the Quara Finance Company (https://www.quarafinance.com) is free, and the company endeavors all efforts to make the website available to you. However, the company shall not warrant that its website or its content will be available for you 24 hours a day without interruption. The company also reserves the right to cease, withdraw, hold, or change the website, wholly or partly, without prior notification or giving any reason, and without any responsibility on the part of the company, its affiliates, and employees.

You are responsible for making all necessary arrangements to access our website (https://www.quarafinance.com)

You are responsible for people who access the website by using your accounts and devices connected to internet, and for their compliance with the Terms and Conditions.


Intellectual Property Rights:  

Quara Finance Company is the owner and holder of the intellectual Property License of the website (https://www.quarafinance.com) and its content, noteing that the rights shall be protected under the Saudi Laws, and all these rights are reserved. Accordingly, you shall be bind to comply with any logos or further restrictions. You may print one copy of any page or download any quotation from any page on our website for your personal use. You may also attract the others’ attention in your organization to contribute with the content of the website. You may not amend any hard or digital copy you copied or downloaded from website, whatever the manner. You may not use any photo, videos, audios or any drawings without the texts and content attached to it. You shall always acknowledge our participating parties as the authors of the content on our website and you shall preserve them and include copyright, and other notices mentioned in the content.

You may not use any part of the content for commercial purposes without obtaining a consent from “Quara Finance Company” or their licensors.

You may not be allowed to use the website again if you print, copy or download any part of it in a manner that breaches the Terms and Conditions of using it.


Information is not Counseling

The content of the “Quara Finance Company” website includes general information, and the purpose of it is not intended to provide counseling. If you desire to obtain consulting information, then you must obtain it from the competent professional organizations, as the Quara Finance Company website does not include any undertakings or warranties, explicitly or implicitly, by the Quara Finance Company.


Our Responsibility Limits

To the extent authorized by any law its regulation or laws applied in KSA, Quara Finance Company shall not be responsible before any user for any damages occurs by:

  • Using or inability to use the website.
  • Using and relying on the content posted on the website.

You accept not to use the “Quara Finance Company” website for commercial purposes, then Quara Finance Company shall not be responsible before you for any damages in profits and losses in business.

We shall not be responsible for the contents of other websites that are linked to our website. These links may not be deemed as certified by us for the other websites, and we shall not be responsible for any damages that may occur to you resulting from using them. If you have any inquiries or concerns related to the other websites linked to our website or its contents, you should connect to the other website operator or admin.



You may misuse the website through viruses, promoting or using other offensive or technically harmful materials. You may not access the website through bugs and, you may not access our server, on which the data is stored, or any server, computer, or database connected to our website. You must not attack our website by using multiple virus attacks to interrupt the service.

By breaching this term, you are committing a crime under Anti-Cyber Crime Laws applied in KSA that is issued under the Royal Decree No. (م/17), on 08/03/1428 A.H., and its subsequent amendments. We will report any breach to the competent authorities to apply the laws, and we shall coordinate with the authorities by providing them with all your data. In case of such breaches occur, then your right to use the website will be invalid.


You may link your website with the Quara Finance website (https://www.quarafinance.com), provided that it shall be in a legal and appropriate manner that may not harm anyone. You may not create links that seems approved or certified by “Quara Finance Company”, while it unavailable in real world. You may not create a link in our website that you do not own, except after obtaining a written consent from Quara Finance Company. You may not insert the Quara Finance website in any other website. You may not create any link in any part of our website, other than the home page, as we reserve the right to withdraw your permission to link without notice.

The website which you link to our website shall comply with all standards of the content specified in our Acceptable Use Policy. If you desire to use the content of our website in a manner other than the aforementioned, kindly connect to https://www.quarafinance.com.


Links and Resources of Third Parties on our Website

If there are links and resources linked to our website that are related to others, then such links are provided to know about them, and we do not have control over the contents shown on such links or resources.


Compensation and Protection

You agree to protect Quara Finance, its branches, responsibilities, managers, clients, information providers, and copyright holders (hereinafter referred to as “the Protected Parties”), and to indemnify and hold them unharmed. You are responsible for all lawsuits, claims, responsibilities, losses, costs, and charges (including attorney’s fees) as the protected party may incurred in relation to any claim arising from any breach by you of these Terms and Conditions.


Applicable Laws

Terms and Conditions and their content shall be subject to the applicable laws in KSA, and they supplement any deficiencies therein.



“Quara Finance” is a trademark of the company, which is registered in KSA and reserved under Certificate of the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property.


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