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Poor Service during payment & un ethical calls

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يناير 6, 2024 9:39 ص

From last few days i am trying to pay my due installment, But sometime either it doesnt login or sometime it shows payment failed kindly try after sometime. 

Its frusterating to spend lot of time to for payment.which I cant. just becaus of your incapability i have to suffer, which is not fair & justified.

and one more important bad experience that i have to face from Quara is, whene ever i have bit late by few days for [paying installment, i get a call an din that call i hear extremely un professional words or unethical, it feels i have done some crime by taking finance support from quara.

it doesnt seems a reminder but a kind of threat call.

i kindly request to improve overall service and stop sending kind of thtreat calls if your own service doesnt support customers to do payment.

 Looking fwd to hear from you and expecting some professionality 


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